RESOPOD® Mountain Spruce Podium Frame 2015

RESOPOD® Mountain Spruce Podium Frame

RESOPOD® New Musician Podium Frame System Prototypes 2015

New frame system for RESOPOD® Musician Podiums | Prototypes, 2015

RESOPOD® Trapezial Shaped Soloist Podium 2015

RESOPOD® Trapezial Shaped Soloist Podium

RESOPOD® Soloist Podium for DR SymfoniOrkestret The Danish National Symphony Orchestra 2014

RESOPOD® Soloist Podium for DR SymfoniOrkestret / The Danish National Symphony Orchestra
DR Konzerthuset Copenhagen, 2014

RESOPOD® Musician Podiums for the Celli and Double Basses of the Freiburger Barockorchester 2014

RESOPOD® Musician Podiums of the Freiburger Barockorchester
Rehearsal Hall Ensemblehaus Freiburg, 2014

RESOPOD® Double Bass Podiums of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen 2013

RESOPOD® Double Bass Podiums of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
Rehearsal Hall GSO Bremen, 2013

RESOPOD® trapezoidal Soundboard with foldable Frame 2016


Resopod® musician podiums are resonating platforms that are optimized for natural reproduction and reinforcement of all acoustic instruments which are played on.

The immediate tangible effects are a transparent, overtone rich sound, which provides an intensive experience for the audience, and a very significant tactile feedback for the musician by the vibrating soundboard on which he plays.

The Resopod® musician platforms enable improved articulation and ensure a more sonorous sound.

They are recommended for making music in all major areas, particularly though under music acoustically unfavorable conditions as they are often found in churches and multifunctional halls, but also in many approved music halls, where the Resopod® musician platforms can have an equally positive effect on the overall sound.

Easy to use
High Intensity
Optimal Sound
Saving Energy

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