Musician Podiums


Resopod® Musician Podiums

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Resopod® Musician Podiums have been developed for acoustic instruments, to strengthen their sound in a natural way. The wooden podium (Klangpodest), on which the musician sits or stands while playing, supports the overtones and resonance of the instrument and is audibly and physically perceptible. The Klangpodest strengthens the lower frequencies and supports the instrument’s ability to “sing”. The sound becomes significantly more transparent and the articulation is heard more clearly. The resonating plates (the surface of the podium) provide an additional feature to enhance the acoustic of a performance venue. The Resopod® Klangpodeste are available in 6 cm, 10 cm and 20 cm, depending on the height you require.

Bass & Cello

The Resopod® Bass/Cello Klangpodest is developed to enhance the entire sound of the instrument and especially supports the low frequencies. Lower sounding instruments always have the problem of not being as directly heard as the higher instruments. Particularly in chamber-music or orchestra settings the lower tones sound less direct and are less audible. Playing on a resopod Cello/Bass Klangpodest makes a remarkable difference in sounding more clear and focused. As a player you are able to hear yourself better, and you get the feeling that you have to try less hard to be heard.

“The first time I came across the Resopod® Klangpodeste was during a concert production of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, for Radio Bremen. I was very surprised by the sound impact of the resonance plates. The basses were very present and well heard and in the overall orchestra sound they came through very nicely. The usual recording tricks of balancing the sound for a good result were almost unnecessary. The bass sound was very balanced.

I also had the Resopod® Klangpodeste available for a cello/piano chamber music recording. Here again I was very surprised by the effect: the cello sound gained more clarity and distinction in the lower frequencies without any technical manipulation, just with natural resonance and without any disturbing “boominess“. Apparently, the Resopod® Klangpodest provides for good articulation and clarity without any boom effects.”

Laura Bährle
Music producer and sound engineer, Berlin

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In concert halls, churches and orchestra pits the Resopod® Klangpodest acts like a resonating floor.

In many tests it became apparent that the Resopod® Klangpodest also works for baroque celli and gambas very well. The extra sound room underneath the musician supports the instrument immensely, even without pins.

Resopod® Bass/Cello works perfectly as a higher playing platform and sound booster for solo-performances. The Klangpodest is also a good support system for the cellist in chamber music and ensembles where the other musicians are standing while playing. The sound of double bass sections in orchestras playing on Klangpodesten is more distinct; the articulation becomes much clearer and the group’s sound is more present. For celli and doublebass sections in opera orchestras the different podium heights provide for a range of different choices.


Resopod® Harp is developed for the unique needs of harpists. The measurements are 170 cm / 70 cm and the podium is constructed to allow the music stand to be placed as close to the instrument as needed. The difference between the typically used riser and the Klangpodest is enormous: the sound of the harp on Resopod is much more clear and articulated, the arpeggios more distinctive and the overall sound is richer and more present.